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Ongoing Foundation Projects

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Top (5) projects currently under way at the Fundacion Medica y Social.

1. Children's Soup Kitchen - Pacora

They are currently feeding 100 children only twice a week, but would like to extend that to once a day, everyday. The building they are using is on loan from a local church. They need to purchase land. (to use to plant organic gardens where they would grow the food they use) They also need to construct a secure facility, sufficient to feed 100-200 children and families, with 3-5 class rooms for orientation and education, purpose and a fully equipped kitchen with running water along with bathrooms and showers.

2. Medical Clinic - Calabaso (between Penonome and Pacora)

They need to purchase land to be able to construct a secure orientation facility, with 4 classrooms for orientation and education purposes and 4 examination rooms for medical teams to work out of. Volunteers and doctors will rotate in and out of the clinic (every 4 months) each room should be equipped with…

  1. Sphygmomanometer
  2. Otascope
  3. Exam table with stirrups
  4. Sink and bathroom
  5. Gooseneck floor lamp
  6. Opthomascope
  7. Extensive first aide kit
  8. Oxygen tank with a regulator

In addition to fully stock the medical inventory for 6 months for a community of about 300 people.

3. Building to house the headquarters and be the main center of operations in Panama City

The current building is being loaned to Dr. Cooper so a new one will need to be built or purchased and remodeled to train and orientate all workers and volunteers. Preferably 2 floors with 4-6 class rooms.

4. Purchase of a Hydraulic Solar Powered Pump - Aqueduct for Kangandi, Kuna Yala, San Blas Islands

Most of this aqueduct has been built - the water and sewage lines almost all laid out. They need to purchase the hydrolic pump to keep the water flowing through the pipes.

5. 200 Foot Well Digger ($125,000.00)