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About Us
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Background Information
The Christian Medical Social Foundation began in Panama City, R.P. the 8th of January 2000 when a group of Christians, invited by Dr. Cleveland Cooper II, decided to form the association. Eighteen people attended the meeting and became the founding members.
The Organization was granted their offical standing the 25th of April 2000 as a non profit organization by the Ministry of Social Development. In 2003 they obtained a resolution, from the Ministry of Economy and Finances, to receive tax deductible donations internationally and within the Republic of Panama.
After its inception, the FCMS adopted the community of Kangandi in Kuna Yala, responding to their needs after the Kangandi River flooded their village. The first food drive took place in El Dorado Shopping Center in 2000. Since then the construction of latrines and an aqueduct, providing fresh drinking water, has been initiated and hopefully will soon be finished. The foundation has also oriented the local villagers about nutrition, the prevention of diseases and have lovelingly presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The last few years has seen the Foundations participation in many local community projects in the provinces of Panama, Colon, Darien, Cocle, Bocas del Toro and Comarca of the San Blas. During these social outreach programs, medical and dental tours have been able to help people in schools, prisons, community centers, health centers and churches.
Donations of medicines and medical equipment have been made to local hospitals and clinics. As well as providing medical services, the Foundation has also helped communities by donating school suppllies, clothing, food, shoes, household wears to those in need.
Many of these outreach programs have received support from private and corporate businesses such as Melo, Aeroperlas, LG Electronics, Educacion Superior S.A., Alarmatec S.A. and the Baptist Mission of Panama along with many other personal donations.
Since February of 2001 Living Waters International has donated the use of a medical mobil clinic equipt with a medical and dental consult rooms. This has extended the reach of medical and dental services of the FCMS.
Above all the foundation considers the spiritual health of those they minister to, sharing with each person individually, the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, in every outreach they organize.

Dr. Cooper & his wife, Matilde

Dr. Clevland Cooper - FCMS President and Founder

Dr. Clevland Cooper and his daughter Cleide

List of Founders, Staff, Members